The Yellowjackets Cannibal Council by Yellowjackets Hive

Emily and Melanie spill all about the Yellowjackets Cannibal Council! The WHO, THE WHY, and some insights from Costume Designer Marie Schley. Plus, Nerdist News Editor, Ro Rusak, joins to discuss Yellowjackets characters as Fairy Tale Archetypes. Read her super insightful Nerdist article here. What a great spill about the hierarchy of the Cannibal Council, the animals and symbolism, and speculating on who's who! Buzz buzz buzz.

HANNIBAL's Caroline Dhavernas Reflects on the Brillant and Strong Alana Bloom

To celebrate Hannibal‘s continuing agency in this world, we spoke to Caroline Dhavernas, who played Doctor Alana Bloom. In the early seasons of Hannibal, Alana served as a kind of heart for the show. She brought a sense of human goodness into a world of great but terrible creatures. In the end, though, not even Alana could resist the siren song of Hannibal Lecter forever. And now, Dhavernas looks back on the complex fun of the role, Alana’s transformations, and what she took away from her time on Hannibal.

This STRANGER THINGS 4 Death Isn't Noble Nor Necessary

Eddie Munson is a hero. He did not, however, become a hero in the last minutes of his life. He did not, as Stranger Things 4 implies, suddenly turn away from cowardice to find bravery when he chose to lure away the Demobats. Eddie’s death on Stranger Things does not enshrine him with anything. His heroism is much deeper and more nuanced than fighting the monsters of the Upside Down. Eddie has, in fact, been fighting monsters much more terrifying his entire life.

The YELLOWJACKETS Characters as Fairy Tale Archetypes

On Yellowjackets, the question of the supernatural is central. Is it magic or madness? The show asks repeatedly. And, the answer is hard to parse. The introduction’s profane feeling combined with the mundane present timeline make for excellent red herrings. Viewers become anchored to beliefs the on-screen universe follows the rules of our own. And that feeling is hard to part with. But like Yellowjackets’ characters, part with it we must. While initially, the show feels like a realistic, albeit psychological, fiction, it is actually a fairy tale.

Why the Witch Calls to the Queer Audience

In today’s pop culture world, there is an incredible push to tell more queer stories. But despite these efforts, finding narratives that speak to diverse groups remains a work in progress. We still see things like “first-ever gay character” (for the five-hundredth time) and characters that allow platforms to talk the talk but not exactly walk the walk. And if the walk does happen, the vision of a queer person filters through a normative lens. Instead of a story that speaks to the represented group, a find and replace occurs. The same story that’s always told simply gets told again, but now under the guise of representation. But the question remains, to whom are those stories appealing? In truth, no one. The normative populations that might reject queer stories reject the stories anyway. The queer populations who look for representation feel glad for the attempt but often find the stories lacking in the end. Sometimes, though, representative stories get told without true awareness of that representation. This is the case with the generally popular witch figure. Though there are surprisingly few queer witches in pop culture, the narrative of the witch is, almost definitionally, a queer one.


“Is Bucky Barnes a victim or a villain?” While the answer seems obvious to some, the MCU’s perspective is murkier. Fans hoped that The Falcon and the Winter Soldier would allow Bucky to work through his victimhood; a meaningful project both in-universe and out. But this does not transpire onscreen. Instead, the show turns the trauma that Bucky suffered into trauma he caused. The story retrofits a previously nonexistent agency into Bucky’s past as the Winter Soldier. Rather than telling a story of survival and recovery, TFATWS retcons Bucky’s history in order to more comfortably deal with it.

Broken "Narrative Promises" Through the Lens of Supernatural, Marvel, & More

At the end of the day, it takes two to tango, and though it’s true that properties can do whatever they want, it doesn’t mean they should. There’s a reason why shows like Avatar: The Last Airbender and Hannibal are so universally loved by their fans, and that is because they tell the stories they promise to tell and unfold satisfying arcs and resolutions—and not out of the desire for shock value, nor for spite, nor fear, do they stray from them.

The Disappointing Rejection of Found Family in Marvel’s Avengers: Endgame

For some reason, in the movie where it should have mattered the most, the grand finale that is Avengers: Endgame, the central idea of the Marvel Cinematic Universe was not only forgotten but soundly rejected. Instead of concluding a decade’s worth of storytelling premised on the notion of the found family by emphasizing the idea, Endgame separates the heroes, both visually and emotionally, at every turn, and completely annihilates the MCU’s beloved chosen family in favor of establishing the dominance of the normative one.

If Only The Bachelor Would Embrace Polyamory Instead of Rejecting It

“I think I’m falling in love with more than one person.” It’s a familiar refrain, heard on nearly every season of ABC’s The Bachelor franchise. Though the long-running show purports ideals of traditional monogamy—setting up a narrative where, in the end, there can only be one, and a lack of a fairy-tale proposal equates to failure—it simultaneously engineers a situation wherein the complete opposite version of a relationship is not only encouraged, but successfully illustrated to millions of viewers.

Hannibal: 10 Pieces of Unexpected Life Advice from NBC's Hannibal

Most people wouldn't immediately think of NBC's Hannibal, created by Bryan Fuller, when thinking of TV shows that offer inspirational life advice. But it turns out, the good cannibal has a lot of wisdom to share, and so do some of his friends. Hannibal Lecter is a psychiatrist after all, and he really is trying to help everyone around him live their most fulfilled lives (even if, for some of them, he truly believes that means they should end up on a plate). So put on your dinner best, tuck in your napkin, and get ready to live your life the way Hannibal would hope for you.

Pokémon: 10 Facts About Ash Ketchum According To His Voice Actor

For the last couple of decades, there has been no one closer to Ash Ketchum than Veronica Taylor, Ash's Pokémon voice actor of now over 20 years. At New York Comic Con, Taylor joined fans to discuss the series, her work, and, most importantly, one of her proudest accomplishments, Ash. RELATED: Why Pokémon Fans Are Worried Ash Is Being Written Out Of The Anime With the conversation ranging from discussion of who Ash's father might be, to who he would most want to take out on a date (a contentio
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